The Best Life Hack: Get Used to Feeling Uncomfortable

by Goli Kalkhoran    |  08.10.18

I know Life Hack articles are all the rage. I wish I could give you the Top 3 Tips to Make Your Life Amazing or the Top 5 Ways To Make You A Millionaire. But, after having fallen for the clickbait one too many times, we all know that those are bullshit. So here is a life hack for you: Get used to feeling uncomfortable. Now, I don’t mean learn to live out of a tent or cuss out the family member you don’t like. No one wants that level of uncomfortableness. Rather, learn to live with the anxiety that

How to Rate and Review a Podcast

by Goli Kalkhoran    |  07.25.18

Let me throw out a hypothetical: You listen to a podcast you love. Let’s just say the podcast is called Lessons from a Quitter. You love it so much you want to let the host know. You love it so much you want everyone else to listen to it too! Well, you’re in luck. A really easy way to support your favorite podcasts is to rate and review them on whatever app/website you use to listen to them. Reviewing them not only gives the creators feedback and encouragement but it also helps with the ranking of the podcast on different

My Podcast is Live! And now I want to throw up

by Goli Kalkhoran    |  07.05.18

Helloooooo World!! The podcast is live!! So I guess this is happening. I’m equal parts excited out of my mind and terrified to the point of wanting to throw up. I’m assuming that from where you sit it seems silly to be terrified. On the scale of scary things people are going through in this world, putting out a podcast doesn’t even make the scale. I get it. You’re right. Also, maybe stop being such a judgy jerk. But I can’t shake this little voice in my head. You have one too. I’m certain. The little bully that is screaming