A podcast, and community, based on the belief that it is never too late to start over. Join us each week as we talk to inspiring guests who, after spending years obtaining advanced degrees and climbing the corporate ladder, quit to forge their own path to a more fulfilling life.


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EP. 75 Modeling Greatness In Everything You…

  • In 75 episodes, I think the recurring lesson that comes up in almost every single episode is that you can't think your way to the end goal. It just doesn't w

EP. 74 How being a people-pleaser keeps…

Hi, my name is Goli and I'm a life-long people-pleaser.⁠ ⁠ I have a feeling a lot of you are too. Because we're trained from childhood to just do what we're told and not make waves.⁠ And wh

EP. 73 Finding Creativity in the Chaos:…

  • One of the biggest lessons that I've learned from my own quitting journey is that our paths do not have to look the same. 

EP. 72 From Accountant to Wedding Photographer…

  • So often we hold on to what we know so tightly that we give up the opportunity of having something so much better. Kim Le Pham is on the podcast today and he

EP. 71 From Pastor to Athiest: Changing…

    It's important to pay attention to what you build your identity around. A common mistake that people make is to believe that what they do equates to who they are. This misconception can create a g

Ep. 70 How Jenna Irvin became a…

    Even though this week's guest isn't a traditional quitter like our previous guests, she has dealt with the same limiting beliefs and fears we all deal with when starting something new. Right out o

Behind The Mic

Hey there! I’m

In 2014, I quit practicing law and embarked on a journey to figure out what actually made me happy. Since then I’ve had 2 kids, started a business, dabbled in passion projects, and forged a completely new path that lights me up. And yet, I’m still figuring it out.

I created Lessons from a Quitter to highlight other people who have broken free from an unfulfilling career to create a life that they love. And, in the process, I hope to show you that it’s ok to quit. In fact, your happiness may depend on it.

Latest Podcast EP. 75 Modeling Greatness In Everything You Do with Shunta Grant