A podcast, and community, based on the belief that it is never too late to start over. Join us each week as we talk to inspiring guests who, after spending years obtaining advanced degrees and climbing the corporate ladder, quit to forge their own path to a more fulfilling life.


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Episode 37: How Erin Hatzikostas walked away…

    Erin spent 22 years climbing the corporate ladder and climbed her way right up to the very top as CEO of PayFlex, Inc., a large healthcare financial company. As the CEO, Erin was in charge of ov

Ep. 36: How Jennifer Berson quit law…

    Jen is an all-around rockstar! She started her career as a lawyer and practiced civil litigation at a prestigious law firm. Then, she “saw the light” and left to start her own business and p

Ep. 35: From teacher to Pinterest manager:…

    Jena is a wife and mom who taught 5th grade for 6 years until she realized that her career as a teacher no longer fit with her life.  Without knowing what she wanted to do next, she just starte

Ep. 34: How Ali Boone quit the…

    Ali Boone is a lifestyle entrepreneur real estate investor, author and speaker. Ali has literally defined non-conformity when it comes to her career. Ali left her corporate 9-to-5 job as an Aero

Ep. 33: How to stop being nice…

    We all care what other people think, even if we pretend like we don’t. A healthy relationship with other people’s opinions is actually needed. It teaches us what works in communities and what

Ep. 32: How Elie Mystal quit practicing…

    You might already be familiar with Elie Mystal from his frequent appearances as a political analyst on major news shows or his considerable body of work on Above the Law and other news publicati

Behind The Mic

Hey there! I’m

In 2014, I quit practicing law and embarked on a journey to figure out what actually made me happy. Since then I’ve had 2 kids, started a business, dabbled in passion projects, and forged a completely new path that lights me up. And yet, I’m still figuring it out.

I created Lessons from a Quitter to highlight other people who have broken free from an unfulfilling career to create a life that they love. And, in the process, I hope to show you that it’s ok to quit. In fact, your happiness may depend on it.

Latest Podcast Episode 37: How Erin Hatzikostas walked away from her CEO position to help shape the next generation of leaders